Unicorn Advance Decline

In Search Of The 'short, Serious War' Unicorn
In Search of the ‘Short, Serious War’ Unicorn . www.theamericanconservative.com
Rocket Lab Reports $140m In Fresh Funding, Cementing Unicorn
Rocket Lab reports $140M in fresh funding, cementing unicorn status – GeekWire. Fresh on the heels of a successful satellite launch, Rocket Lab today announced that it has received $140 million in new investment. www.geekwire.com
Unicornbot Will Enchant Kids Into Learning Stem And Coding
UnicornBot Will Enchant Kids Into Learning STEM and Coding . This Blockly-based robot unicorn can move around, nod its head, and light up its horn spectrum.ieee.org
Buyer Beware! Ipaas Is A Mule Disguised As A Unicorn
BUYER BEWARE! iPaaS Is A Mule Disguised as a Unicorn . www.liaison.com
Searching For A Live Unicorn In Fintech World
Searching for a Live Unicorn in Fintech World . Earlier this week I was chatting about Unicorns ("unicorn" status is the term in the tech industry for companies worth $1 billion).  www.iris.xyz
Decline Of The Unicorns (a Startup Tale)
Decline of the Unicorns (A Startup Tale) . Professor John Mullins spoke to LBS blog about why we are starting to see a sharp decline in the value of so-called “unicorn” start-ups. www.metromba.com

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