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Unicorn By Chew Lips On Amazon MusicChew Lips
Chew Lips .
Album Review  Chew Lips
Album Review: Chew Lips . In short, it certainly has swagger but not so much you’ll want to punch it in the face: Chew Lips have planted a carefully selected crop and, for t...
Chew Lips
Chew Lips . (Family Recordings) Track four on this electro-pop debut is entitled ‘Karen’ – very fittingly, as the entire album sounds remarkably like Yeah Yeah Yeah’s last album It’s Blitz! Maybe it’s the synths, maybe it’s the strong female vocals – in any case, it’s not a comparison to be ashamed of.
Missing In Action  Chew Lips
Missing In Action: CHEW LIPS .
Chew Lips
Chew Lips

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