Fingerlings Unicorn Wowwee

Fingerlings . Mel has a new ride! This new set includes Mel - a cute turquoise Fingerlings Unicorn with a customizable Bumper Car. Cutomize Mel's Bumper Car with the included stickers to give her ride a whole new look created specially by you. Once your car is all decked out, give her a spin in her new ride by pulling the car backwards and releasing. You can also play bumper car bowling with the included bowling pins. Fingerlings Baby Unicorns love to grab onto things… especially your fingers! These unique little pets respond to you with special unicorn sounds in response to noise, motion & touch. They will let you know how they feel with their adorable blinking eyes and head turns. You'll get different reactions if you pet them, rock them to sleep, or hold them upside down. If you blow your unicorns a kiss, they will kiss you right back! You can also brush their soft rainbow manes and tails, and they have a tiny horseshoe on their rumps.

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