I Came In Like A Unicorn

Agile  3 Signs That You May Be Drinking Unicorn Blood
Agile: 3 signs that you may be drinking Unicorn blood. I recently came off one of my most enjoyable Agile projects. No really, I enjoyed going to work and doing Agile. I had been saved. My life had structure. The project had its ups and downs but… hackernoon.com
I Came To Slay, Unicorn Mug, Mugs With Sayings, Hustle Mug, Mugs
I came to Slay, Unicorn Mug, Mugs with Sayings, Hustle Mug, Mugs with Sayings, Cute Mugs . Click through for more options and styles! And More Unicorns! The cutest mug for your favorite boss lady. She came to slay, she is rare and beautiful like your favorite magical unicorn. This unicorn coffee mug is the perfect magical start to your day.

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