King Tongmyong Unicorn

North Korea Discovers Unicorn Lair
North Korea Discovers Unicorn Lair . Continuing their proud nation's great tradition of being simultaneously wackier and sadder than all other nations, North Korean archaeologists have announced
North Korea Reports  Lair Of King Tongmyong's Unicorn Reconfirmed
North Korea reports "Lair of King Tongmyong's Unicorn Reconfirmed in DPRK" / Boing Boing. Seems legit. (via @chicoharlan, thanks, @klustout)
Today's  Unicorns Are Real  Story Comes To Us Courtesty Of North
Today's "Unicorns are real" story comes to us courtesty of North Korea .
Let's All Laugh At The North Koreans  The Korean “unicorn” Affair
Let’s all laugh at the North Koreans: the Korean “unicorn” affair. Towards the end of November, western media were full of news about the purported discovery of a “unicorn’s lair” by a North Korean archaeologist. The story was first announced by the official Korean Central News Agency on 29 November in a brief and sober press release (albeit poorly translated into English). It is what the…
North Korea 'archaeologists' Report Quite Unbelievable Discovery
North Korea 'archaeologists' report quite unbelievable discovery of unicorn lair . Archaeologists in North Korea have apparently discovered a mythical unicorn lair belonging to an ancient king, according to a highly dubious report from the state news agency.
North Korean Unicorn Story
North Korean Unicorn Story. North Korea dug up an ancient unicorn.

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