Squatty Potty Unicorn Video

Squatty Potty's Ceo Ignored Everyone, Made An Insane Video And
The holiday season is usually busy for Squatty Potty, a plastic step known as the stool for better stools, but it took a pooping unicorn to drive its sales into the stratosphere.The wide-eyed mythical creature with active bowels, star of Squatty Potty's massively popular viral video, is credited with a 600 percent leap in online sales and a 400 percent increase in retail sales at the brand's largest partner, Bed Bath & Beyond.The company, founded as a home-based business in 2011, is on tr www.newslocker.com
Squatty Potty Advert Involves A Unicorn Pooing Ice Cream
Squatty Potty advert involves a unicorn pooing ice cream . Squatty Potty advert involves a unicorn pooing ice cream metro.co.uk
Is A Unicorn The New Face Of British Bowel Movements
Is a Unicorn The New Face of British Bowel Movements?. East Yorkshire, UK – The StressNoMore headquarters in Hull have been rushed off their feet trying to meet the exceptional consumer demand for the Squatt... pressreleases.responsesource.com

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