Starbucks Unicorn Lawsuit

Brooklyn Coffee Shop Sues Starbucks Over 'unicorn' Drink
Brooklyn coffee shop sues Starbucks over ‘unicorn’ drink . The End Brooklyn, a coffee shop in New York City, says it made a unicorn coffee concoction first, and Starbucks’ bright pink-and-blue drink has caused customers of the Brooklyn shop to think it was the knockoff.
The Unicorn Frappuccino Is Now At The Centre Of A Multi
The Unicorn Frappuccino is now at the centre of a multi. The unicorn wars have begun. If the unicorn food trend isn't already making you throw up a little in your mouth, hold on—things have officially taken a ...
A Williamsburg Coffee Shop Is Suing Starbucks Over Their Unicorn
A Williamsburg coffee shop is suing Starbucks over their Unicorn Frappuccino – Free Williamsburg.
Starbucks Sued For Ripping Off Unicorn Frappuccino From Brooklyn
Starbucks Sued for Ripping Off Unicorn Frappuccino from Brooklyn Coffee Shop (PHOTOS) .

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