The Last Unicorn Live Action Movie Coming Out

The Last Unicorn Author Locks Legal Horns With His Manager
The Last Unicorn author locks legal horns with his manager. The Last Unicorn has become an American classic, both in its original book form and the film adaptation. (Although the less said about Mommy Fortuna’s disturbing suicide-by-harpy and the enormous boobs tree, the better.) Children and the young at heart continue to be delighted by its whimsical narrative and emotionally affecting characters. Better yet, it’s part of the old guard of children’s entertainment, when not everything required sequels and franchises and breaking one book up into three goddamn films. The story of a lonely unicorn seeking others of her kind has remained pure in its singular incarnation. Instead, the author of the book is treating everyone to a different, but no less American, follow-up: He’s suing the hell out of his manager. It’s a tale everyone can relate to!
America. Tom Cruise and Mia Farrow-1985 Legend Fanvid to the music, The Last Unicorn by America. I love both movies and especially this song so I wanted to make a Fan...

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