Unicorn Companies 2015

2015 In Review  The Year Of The Unicorn
2015 in Review: The Year of the Unicorn . 2015 may one day be known as the Year of the Unicorn: 47 new U.S.-based startups reached billion-dollar valuations this year, along with 28 companies based outside the U.S. pitchbook.com
The 16 Tech Startups That Joined The Unicorn Club In 2015
The 16 Tech Startups that Joined the Unicorn Club in 2015. With 16 companies already joining the not-so-exclusive unicorn club this year, 2015 could see the most billion-dollar club entrants ever. www.cbinsights.com
How Old Are The $1b+ Unicorn Companies
How Old Are The $1B+ Unicorn Companies?. Amid public market turmoil in 2018, private companies saw a year of record growth - according to Business Insider, an estimated 47 companies crossed the threshold into “unicorn” status in the United States. craft.co
Unicorns Are Breeding Like Rabbits  Set To Double 2014's Record Pace
Unicorns Are Breeding Like Rabbits: Set to Double 2014's Record Pace. The worldwide "blessing" of unicorns keeps getting bigger every week www.cbinsights.com
Fortune's The Unicorn List  112+ High Growth Companies In A Mobile App
Fortune’s THE UNICORN LIST: 112+ High Growth Companies in a Mobile App. Fortune first published The Unicorn List on January 22, 2015 in response to the rapid rise in the number of billion dollar private companies. The company initially released the list in conjunction… medium.com

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