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How To Govern The Unicorns
How to Govern the Unicorns . With billion-dollar startups from Uber to Airbnb likely to go public in 2019, experts debate how—and whether—we should regulate the smartest guys in the room, writes John D. Stoll. www.wsj.com
Podcast 12  Navigating A Career From A Unicorn To A Public Company
PODCAST 12: Navigating a Career from a Unicorn to a Public Company. Why have a career in sales? Tune in to episode 12 of the Sales Hacker podcast with Jaimie Buss, VP of Sales, North America for Zendesk as she talks about startups careers and transitions! www.saleshacker.com
Wall Street's Volatility Overshadows 2019 Premieres, Especially
Wall Street’s volatility overshadows 2019 premieres, especially for smaller firms . www.morganfranklin.com
Unicorn Consulting
Unicorn Consulting . www.unicornconsultinginc.com

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