Unicorn Reference In Bible

Unicorns In The Bible
Unicorns in the Bible? . To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail. answersingenesis.org
Are There Really Unicorns In The King James Bible
Are there really unicorns in the King James Bible? . www.beliefnet.com
Bible References For Unicornsonly Time I Like The Kjv
Bible references for unicorns...only time I like the KJV . Bible references for unicorns...only time I like the KJV www.pinterest.com
Those Pesky Biblical Unicorns
Those pesky biblical unicorns. www.apatheticagnostic.com
Lessons From An Unicorn – A Great God – Hidden Treasures
Lessons from an Unicorn – a great God – Hidden Treasures. Some discount the Bible to be untrue and filled with fairy tales, because it makes references to animals such as dragons and unicorns. Yes, you read right. The Bible does mention the "unicorn" amongst other animals and birds that live today such as the goats, donkeys, peacocks, ostriches, horses, etc. Job 39:9 makes a specific reference… thepauls.wordpress.com

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