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Unicorn Slime And Squishy Birthday Slime Package Slime
Unicorn Slime and squishy/Birthday/slime package/slime . Scented fruit smelling cake batter, this Unicorn Slime is super stretchy, blue slime sprinkled with foam beads with a hint of dough to make it a little denser. Great affordable gift for yourself or that slime loving someone. Unicorn Slime with Squishy (slow rising), slime care sheet, activator www.etsy.com
Unicorn Birthday Cake Slime Scented With Lollipop Charm
Unicorn Birthday Cake Slime Scented with Lollipop Charm . Im so happy that I finally made a Unicorn slime! This is a super stretchy thick base, with a nice fruity bubble gum-y scent - just like you would expect a Unicorn birthday cake to be. It has all type of layers of texture given by the different beads and foam pieces, it also come with a super cute www.etsy.com

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