Unicorn Tang Fish For Sale

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Spotted Unicorn Tang (naso Brevirostris) Saltwater Fish For Sale
Spotted Unicorn Tang (Naso brevirostris) Saltwater Fish For Sale. Amazing large Spotted Unicorn Tangs available from Among The Reef. We carry the healthiest Spotted Unicorn Tang (Naso brevirostris) in stock and ready to ship. www.amongthereef.com
Saltwater Fish For Marine Aquariums
Saltwater Fish for Marine Aquariums . The Unicorn Tang, Naso unicornis, is also known as the Bluespine Unicornfish. These fish come from the Indo-Pacific region. They have a silvery-gray body with a horn on its forehead. The horn starts as a bump on juveniles and grows longer with age. fishybusinessaquatics.com

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