What Is A Unicorn Corvette

Monster Twin
Monster twin. This incredible Corvette has so much going on under the hood that it can’t even cram its twin turbos inside. Looks like a giant snail monster doesn't it! www.vettetv.com
Unicorn Corvette – Lots Of Nitrous + Monster Turbos!
UNICORN Corvette – LOTS of Nitrous + MONSTER Turbos! . www.rearwheelhorsepower.com
The 2400hp “unicorn Vette” Is The Most Obnoxious Corvette Yet
The 2400hp “Unicorn Vette” is the most obnoxious Corvette yet! – Speed Society. When it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette, a good portion of the cars will have about the same setup. They might be cookie cutters sometimes, but you can't r speedsociety.com
2400hp Unicorn Vette
2400hp Unicorn Vette . The famous Unicorn Vette from D3 Performance making it's fastest pass yet, 8.4 @ 173mph I'm sure it won't be long before it's into the 7's. -----------------... www.youtube.com
Video  This 2,400 Horsepower Corvette Is Hard To ContainQuarter
Quarter. C6 Corvette General Discussion - Quarter-Mile Beast: Unicorn C6 Corvette Deep in the Eights - https://www.corvetteforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/unicorn-e1472442697928.jpg Meet the newly-built Unicorn Corvette, and then watch it run away. Read the rest on the Corvette Forum homepage. >>... www.corvetteforum.com

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