Where Is The Unicorn Way Smith In Wizard101

Quest Find The SmithsQuest Find The SmithsWizard101  Wizard City Smith Locations
Wizard101: Wizard city smith locations . Here is the location to all of the smiths in wizard city, this quest is provided to you by Professor Zeke in the commons. I do not own wizard101 (: Individua... www.youtube.com
Find The Missing Smiths
Find The Missing Smiths . Are you stuck on finding the Smiths well looky here! 1. Commons Smith- The First Smith is located in the Fariegrounds between yellow spotted tent and a red starred tent behind a fat tree. 2. Unicorn Way Smith- When you walk out of the Hedge Maze look in the right corner and you will see… cheatingmania.wordpress.com
How To Find The Smith In Unicorn Way
How to find the smith in Unicorn Way. . Its easy but long way. HELP ME WITH THE CROWNS: https://www.wizard101.com/home/game/friend/T3L5D-7L8C9-3LF2M-9Q999 www.youtube.com

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